Who is the SLA?

The SLA is a non-profit, volunteer organization that serves the Stewart Lake community that is situated in both the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the Township of Georgian Bay. The SLA was created in June, 2009.

Why does the SLA exist?

As owners of waterfront property on Stewart Lake, we advocate and engage to ensure the lake will not only exist for the enjoyment of our successors, but is made stronger and healthier as a result of our actions.

What principles guide the work of the SLA?

Everything the SLA does is intended to reinforce and support our Mission Statement which reads:

‘To promote the protection, preservation and responsible enjoyment of Stewart Lake through collaboration and cooperation of its residents’


What does the SLA contribute?

Our aim is to maximize the health of our lake and surrounding community through proactive, volunteer efforts of our members. We focus our activities on those issues that are of greatest importance:

• The health of the water and land surrounding Stewart Lake
• Promoting a spirit of collectivism and awareness
• Engaging with local government organizations and entities in order to promote our interests
• Using communications to share knowledge, information and build the bonds of community

What does the SLA do?

All SLA actions are guided by our principles. These are:

1) We will work to improve and enhance our natural environment. Our focus on water and land management supports a policy of environmental protection:

• Water protection
• Invasive species management and action
• Education of residents, renters, visitors to encourage environmentally sensitive habits
• Healthy landscaping and land management

2) We will work collaboratively with community leaders. We will ensure the SLA perspective is considered and we will in all our endeavours work to better our community:

• Engage key organizations and entities
• Establish relationships and participate in local events
• Make political officials aware of our priorities

3) We exist through member involvement. We encourage engagement and volunteerism through all that we do. Our activities allow us to work together and forge relationships with one another that will lead to a shared sense of understanding and purpose:

• Through relationships we become more aware and connected with one another, and the greater our numbers, the greater our success
• To represent our members in matters of mutual interest pertaining to Stewart Lake

What are some of the activities the SLA pursues?

• Meetings with government officials
• Annual water quality testing
• Sponsoring local events like the Big Weekend Swimming Regatta
• Hosting an annual AGM that always is held the first weekend Saturday following the July 1 holiday
• An annual fundraiser/BBQ that brings SLA members together
• Policy development and Advocacy with government officials and agencies
• Meetings/negotiations with developers to advance SLA interests
• Developed a Stewardship Plan
• Regular e-communications to members
• Protecting SLA interests relative to water levels, sluice gate, development, fish habitat, land management practices, aquatic life

Who is eligible to join?

All owners of waterfront property on Stewart Lake are encouraged to join.

What does it cost?

Annual membership dues are $25.00. These dues apply on a per cottage/home basis.